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Goal Setting Activities for Successful Entrepreneurs



Goal setting activities can determine the level of your success. By carefully writing down the foundation and structure of your goals, you are pro-actively taking charge of your future. When you set your goals out in this way, not only will you receive a feeling of inner peace, but a sense of purpose in life. You’ll be on the road to success!

These are some activities that you can do to make your goals more impactful:

Write down the stuff you want to change

If you were able to change anything about yourself or your life today, what would it be? Why would you make the change?  Maybe you’d want to feel more confident in public, increase your earnings or find more time in your life to do the things you love.  By doing this simple exercise you’ll be able to evaluate where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.

Evaluate how SMART your goals are

Setting your goals is one thing, but making sure they’re Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-specific (SMART) takes your success factor to whole new level. This step helps you determine if your goals are valid and achievable. It also allows you to establish a realistic timeframe for completing them.


Place your goals in order of importance. Work on the most urgent first and once you have accomplished that, move onto the next one. This will act as a great motivator to prompt you to achieving all your goals.

Think about it – if you successfully complete your most important goal, it probably means it was also your most challenging one. Then your second goal should be easier to complete.

Identify tools or resources that will help your success

This could be as simple as looking for an appropriate support network to help motivate you and keep you accountable.  But then again, if your goals center on getting new skills, you may have to invest in training, coaching, mentoring or other resources that’s going to allow you to get what you want.

Squash the barriers to success

For sure you will face barriers along the way to realizing your goals..  But these barriers will either be things within your control ie. your own internal, negative self-talk, or things out of your control ie. economic climate, natural disasters etc. The key to dealing with these barriers is to learn how to identify them early on as potential complications and then work out how to get around them.

Let’s say the economic climate becomes an obstacle.. clearly there is nothing you can do to change that, but you can envision possibilities and develop a plan-B around those. And if you know that you tend to worry, developing your skills of self-awareness will allow you to recognize fear creeping in.  You can then arm yourself with techniques to quickly prevent any anxiety.

Goal setting activities like these can truly help move you towards the success you want to achieve. All that’s left is for you to put your plan of action into place, and start making changes today.


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  1. Aayna from Corporate training Brisbane August 10, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    Hey Helene,
    Often people are very quick in formulating the goals for themselves, but they always abstain from the steps or the procedures required to make those goals a reality. The tips shared in this article can provide the much needed guidance one needs to attain their goals. In my opinion, writing down the goals and prioritizing them is one of the effective ways of achieving the goals. Thanks for the share.

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