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Preparing for Productivity



If you want to get super productive it will take awareness of the things you are doing and some preparation. Plan to be productive.
Here are a few tips to help you get prepared for a productive day.

1. Make a list of things you need to accomplish in a week or a month. Break this list down into daily manageable tasks.
A lot of really productive people make a list of things they want to accomplish each month. They also break this down into weekly steps so they know what to accomplish each week. However, they also break this down even further, into daily actionable steps. If you’re not used to doing this, you may think it takes up too much time, but in reality, it will save you time in the long run because you can get focused a lot quicker.

2. Read your daily task list before going to bed and then again as soon as you sit down to work.
If you end your work day at 5:00 pm, you need to leave the work in your office and enjoy your family time. But, it’s also a good idea to look over tomorrow’s list right before you go to bed. This allows your brain to prepare itself for the work ahead. Your mind never sleeps, even if you’re asleep, your mind is still awake and working away. You might as well give it something productive to work on while you sleep.

3. At the end of each work day, either make a new task list for tomorrow, or double check the list if you’ve made it ahead of time.
This is similar to #2, but this is also when you can adjust your next day’s task list if you need to. Maybe you had some free time today and worked on something that was on the next day’s list. You’ll want to mark this off and possibly fill it in with another task.

4. Set up reminders and timers.
Timers and reminders are wonderful tools. They not only help you remember what you need to do and when, but they also allow you to focus on work. It’s much easier to get super focused when you’re not watching the clock. Simply set a timer and get busy. The little bell will let you know what’s next on your schedule.

5. Track your time with a program like Chrometa.
Programs like Chrometa will track everything you do on your computer. If you’re working in Word, on email, or something else, these types of programs will record it all. This gives you an “eye-opening” visual of where your time actually goes. If you find you’re spending too much time on email, you can start cutting back and spend more time on work.

6. Prepare to focus on one item at a time. Do not multi-task.
People have been falsely lulled into the idea that musti-tasking will accomplish more. For one thing, it doesn’t. For another thing, if your attention is divided, neither project is getting your best. Always focus on one thing at a time and give it your best. I think you’ll discover that you get more work done. Plus it’ll be better quality work.

7. Have the proper mindset for work. If you need to meditate, listen to music or read something inspirational, do it!
Almost everything in life worth doing requires a healthy, positive mindset. Your work deserves the same attention and mindset as other areas of your life. Get the right mindset on and you might just have your best day, every day.

8. Organize and tidy your work space.
This should be done at the end of each work day, but if you were tired or had to stop suddenly, always make sure it’s ready before you start work.

9. Gather all the materials you need to work and have them close at hand.
If you have to get up and down ten times to go get something, that is not productive. It’s wasting your productive time. Think about the things you’ll need before you start work and keep them close at hand.

10. Turn off distractions like cell phones, email, instant messengers, Skype, get off of social media.
Distractions are the biggest cause of failure and poor quality work. Turn all of these things off and give your work the attention it deserves. You’ll have more free time to enjoy being social after you’ve accomplished all of your daily tasks. You’ll also feel better about yourself.


PS: If you enjoyed this tip or would like to share some tips of your own, please leave a comment below.


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